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If you ended up on this page, you probably received the following email from us:
Re: Free SkyRoads, SkyXmas, Sound Club, SCWin


Bluemoon Interactive has released these products as freeware. Please see for details.

Best regards,
The Bluemoon Team
So, without further ado, here you go:
Download SkyRoads (580 Kb)
Download SkyRoads Xmas Special (586 Kb)
Download Sound Club (2.5 Mb)
Download Sound Club for Windows (2.8 Mb)
Note that they are all zipped files. You can get an unzip program from

Now, a few words to explain this move. Since Ticsoft stopped distributing SkyRoads and Sound Club, we have received numerous emails from people asking about where to get these products these days. As Bluemoon is a software developer, and not a publisher/distributor, we do not have the personell responsible for selling our software to customers. Therefore most of these emails ended up unanswered (and we are terribly sorry for that!).

These emails, however, made us feel uncomfortable about the situation, so after a long (and heated!) discussion within our team, we decided to do a public service and put up the above software for free download, and to notify the people who had written in.

Finally, we'd like to thank all the fans of SkyRoads and Sound Club. Your letters mean a lot to us, even if we don't always have the time to answer them!