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Sound Club for Windows 95 and Windows NT was the sequel to Sound Club for DOS. Its features included:
  • Fully digital sound processing.
  • 16-bit CD quality stereo playback.
  • Virtually unlimited number of voices playing simultaneously.
  • Intuitive way of representing music.
  • Real-time editing and recording.
  • Support for MOD and S3M music file formats.
  • Direct export of music tracks to WAV files.
  • Instrument bank of over 500 instruments.
Sound Club for Windows addressed several problems and suggestions that were pointed out by the users of its predecessor:
  • Removed instrument size limit
  • Removed the limitation for number of simultaneously playing voices
  • Removed pattern size limit
  • Support for 16 bit instruments
  • Loading and saving instruments as .WAV files
  • S3M import/export with improved conversion algorithm
Check out Sound Club for Windows (v2.03) by clicking one of the links below:
Download (775 Kb, demo). Download (2.8 Mb, full).