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For the fans of SkyRoads music, here’s a small corner set up just for you!

All music (except intro which was done by Hasso Brück) was produced on an Amiga computer back then using program called Oktalyzer. First all FM sounds were converted to samples, then tunes were produced, and later note data from module was used just to play back ordinary FM sounds.

Because of the FM to sample conversion, the music sounded quite different at the time of producing compared to actual game. Some instruments just sounded completely different, especially percussions. Best example is Road 5, where in game version percussions can’t be heard at all, making it completely different tune altogether. Also for some weird reason game versions sound half tone higher.

In game music has been recorded while game is running in DosBox so it probably doesn’t sound exactly as you remembered but still it’s better than nothing.

All tunes can be played back directly (flash required) by clicking play/stop buttons accordingly or just downloaded by clicking disk icon (Right click + Save Target As). The original Oktalyzer modules are also provided and can be played back with Deliplayer. So take a deep breath and welcome back to year 1993 :)

Song In game FM In production mod Okta mod
Intro N/A N/A
Road 1
Road 2
Road 3
Road 4
Road 5
Road 6
Road 7
Road 8
Road 9
Road 10
Road 11
Road 12

Some people have used SkyRoads music as an inspirational source and came up with remixes. Listen to see if you can spot the original ;)

Submitted by Song Based on    
Disturbed Skyroads remix Road 8
Eachbox Sky Rhodes Road 8
Pro707ype Wayfinder (on the road 8) Road 8