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Thunder Brigade was Bluemoon's largest game project so far. Its development spanned the whole year 1998 - and that did not include the engine development. Published by Interactive Magic, the game was a 3D action title with a flavor of a military sim.

The idea was to marry Bluemoon's custom Condor 3D graphics engine with a game idea proposed by Interactive Magic: a futuristic hovertank action.

The experience we got from developing Thunder Brigade was truely invaluable: Firstly, we got to work together with world renowned game designer Arnold Hendrick (Silent Service II, F-19 Stealth Fighter, M1 Tank Platoon, Gunship, Darklands), who supervised the game design process.

Secondly - and even more importantly - we gained numerous real life lessons on how to remain productive and deliver a product under extreme pressure of commercial game development. In fact, Thunder Brigade was the only product in in Interactive Magic's Q4 1998 lineup whose launch was not postponed because of delays in development.

Unfortunately, the 25h a day development took its toll on the game quality. While the game was perfect as a software product - i.e. it met all the requirements in the development agreement - it wasn't very fun to play. That's because we had to sacrifice a great deal of crucial gameplay testing/tuning hours in favour of "ordinary" software design tasks, like fixing A-level bugs. That, coupled with Interactive Magic's financial difficulties accounted for the fact that the game sold rather poorly in the end.

Check out the "Thunda's site" for more information, or click below to download the demo:
Download tbrigadedemo.exe (13 MB)