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The Art of Flying was the original game concept featuring Bluemoon's custom Condor 3D graphics engine. During 1997 we pitched it to various publishers and eventually ended up developing Thunder Brigade for Interactive Magic.

However, the AOF demo (although nothing more than a technology demonstration) proved pretty popular, with almost 50 thousand people downloading it from Bluemoon server alone.

Here's an overview of the original game concept:

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, an alternative future where civilisation has been shattered into small communities, player's goal is to reach the far end of the archipelago of islands that form the world known to man.
People have become very isolated and suspicious toward strangers. Memories of the Great Alliance that drove them into the senseless war that ended the centuries of prosperity for mankind are still haunting their minds. Roads have become impenetrable ages ago and the only means of transportation in this harsh world is by air using Gravijet aircrafts.

For accomplishing his quest the player has to fight his way through hostile territories. He will frequently be engaged in dogfights and chase sequences with local inhabitants or hostile nomads. Even the right to land in order to refuel and repair one's vessel has to be won in a battle.

Check out the AOF demo by clicking below:
Download (1.3 Mb).