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The Mars project was an attempt to modify the AOF gameplay in order to better fit into the product line of Hasbro Interactive. Working under their supervision, we developed a version of the Condor engine that was able to display underground caves, and wrote up a new game concept. The storyline was as follows:

It's the year 1999 under Mars. The cavities below the cold reddish surface of the planet reveal a strange society of strange-looking humanoids living in strange-looking buildings and flying strange-looking ships. As one would expect, really. The low gravity environment has dictated both the skeleton structure of Martians as well as the pompous yet delicate Martian architecture. The fact that things weigh less than on Earth is also responsible for making flying the most feasible form of transportation down there.

Having passed the peak of technological revolution even before moving down from the surface, the Martian society has been an equivalent of peaceful stagnation. The primary task of the Martian Government is maintaining that state of happiness (as Martians themselves like to refer to it) by eliminating those rebels who use boredom as an excuse for harassing and even killing fellow citizens. This has induced a sort of natural selection that, in turn, has made the government's task easier as the centuries have passed.

Anyway, things are changing. The six Earth missions to Mars have had a profound impact on the Martian society. G-Force, a secret government agency, originally conceived for hiding the existence of extramartian objects, must now also fight a religious sect Brotherhood of Big Blue who claim are in contact with Blue Planet. Thousands of innocent civilians are caught between the warring parties.